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Commercial, Residential, & Industrial Structural Engineering Services

Count on Lance Engineering for structural engineering services to make sure your site is safe and sound for construction. Our professional engineer collaborates with architects and builders in order to provide proper support for a project so that it is cost-effective. We also do residential foundation investigations and repairs.

Our Role

Once an architect comes up with a design, our role is to provide the framing necessary for the general contractor to build the structure. Before we begin, we consult with the developer to go over the details for the plan. We discuss the building's size, wall heights, preferred building materials, and the type of foundation that is needed. We then go over soil reports to understand what will be underneath the structure, which enables us to determine where we can put walls and joists.

Once we determine the costs and our fees, we provide an analysis and drafts that can be taken to the city and fabricators so that we can order materials. Then contractors have to be retained to do the construction. Once they are in place, we oversee the construction administration and field inspections to monitor progress and ensure that everything is being built according to the plan. If obstacles or issues are discovered, we will determine how to resolve and fix them.

Construction Site

Foundation Investigations & Repair Designs

When a homeowner or insurance professional discovers an issue, such as a cracked foundation or wall, our PE will make sure the structure is sound. We can also help with walls that are tipping up, down, or pushing from one direction or another into a room. If an interior slab is tilting, we will perform a level survey to determine what is moving and in what direction and why the slab is pushing upward or moving around. These issues sometimes require a geotechnical report to determine what is going on in the subsurface (an analysis of the soil, rock, and water conditions). Once we analyze the situation and discover a problem, we'll propose a solution and offer standard bids for the repair work that may include installing push piers, helical piers, or new concrete.